Float Glass/Specialist Glass Products

Products include:
• Silver Star Range - Solar Control and Low E Coatings
• Over sized IGU's 3120 x 9000mm
• Swissdurex - Toughened Glass
• Swisslamex - Laminated Glass - PVB - SGP
• Swisslamex Tissue
• Swisslamex Stone
• Swiss Satin
• Luxar - Anti Reflective Glass
• Automotive Solutions

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(Member of the Arnold Group)

Products include:
High-quality functional insulating glass
Dekorex - Insulating glass with interstitial blinds
Vacurex - Vacuum panels with high thermal insulation
Voltarlux – PV solar modules
Ornilux – first bird strike protecting glass
matriXpoint – own developed point fixed façade system

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Control Glass logoARCON GLAS, GERMANY
(Part of the Arnold Glas Group)

Products include:
Low-e glass
Solar control glass
Safety glass
Sunbelt HT

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Specialist visionary glass technology

Products include:
Toughened and laminated safety glass
Glass with integrated shading
High-tech insulating glass
Many other innovative products

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(Curved Architectural Glass)

Float glass
Glazing in yacht construction
Fully tempered glass
Toughened glass
Heat strengthened glass
Laminated safety glass
Insulating glass units

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Integrated Interstitial Venetian Blinds

The blinds are integrated between the glass panes in a sealed unit, offering total protection against damage and dust.

Features include:
Improved insulation in sealed units
No cleaning / maintenance required
Lower energy consumption
Advanced motor control system

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DaVinci Glas logoDAVINCI GLAS

Offering you the opportunity to improve the comfort of your building without compromising the aesthetics, DaVinci Glas is ideal for the many listed buildings throughout the UK, it takes away the need for secondary glazing and allows our Heritage to look and feel as good as it should.

With single glass as thin as 10mm you can achieve the same u-value as a treble glazed unit.

There has never been a eco friendly product ideally suited for sash windows and this has now been rectified with the use of Davinci Glas.

The range includes:
Modern: 1965 - Present
Young Classic:  1935 - 1965
Classic: 1900 - 1935
Authentic: pre 1900

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Glass Polish logoGLASS POLISH LTD
(Scratched glass repair)

Glass Polish Ltd Specialise in the removal of scratches from glass. Whether it is damage caused during the construction of new buildings, Acid etching, graffiti or careless cleaning, our company polishes glass so it is restored to its original condition and all at a fraction of the costs associated with replacement.

Work fully guaranteed
Distortion free work guaranteed
Laminated and toughened glass guarantee to BS6206

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Dreamglass logoDREAM GLASS, SPAIN
(Member of the Intercomet Group)

Intelligent Glass / Privacy Glass :
Dreamglass : Innovative laminated glass that at the touch of a switch changes from transparent to opaque for instant privacy
Dreamscreen - Adapts product as a high resolution LCD screen

Decorative Glass:
Vitrotone : Laminated glass with a colour film that can be transparent, translucent or opaque
Vitrostyle : Laminated decorative glass with a variety of designs including textiles, wood and paper
Vitromarble : Laminated or single glass with the appearance of marble

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(leading manufacturer of acid etched glass)

Product range includes:
ROYAL SAT satin glass
OPAL PLATED translucent easy-clean glass
MIRROR SAT acid etched elegant glass highly resistant to fingerprints
ROYAL LAC float glass painted on one side and acid etched on the other with a high quality finish both on both sides
SAFECOLOR laminated glass with a coloured PVB, and acid etched on one side

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Zouch LogoZouch Converters Ltd
(Foam and adhesive tape products)

A comprehensive range of high performance single-sided and double-sided foam tapes for mounting, fixing, sealing, security and protection:
Glass Protection and Shipping Pads
Crosswound Bobbins
Security Glazing
Mounting, Spacer and masking tapes

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Elite Energy logoECO ELITE, UK
(Independent Energy Brokers)

Services include:
Money saving carbon free Oxygenics showerheads
Free Gas, Electricity and Lighting broker
covers all markets across the UK
Source best price contracts for customers
Domestic customers
Large industrial/commercial users
SAP Calculations
SBEM Calculations
Code for sustainable homes assessment
EPC, CEPC & DEC Certificates
Air conditioning inspections
Energy audits

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Caroline Rees Blasted Glass logoCAROLINE REES
(Sandblasted Glass Designs)

Services offered:
Original sandblasted glass
Commercial and domestic architectural applications
Glass conforms to current UK building regulations
Bespoke design service
Established 1999

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